The British Army directed by Si & Ad

'This is Belonging’ is a campaign produced for The Army through Karmarama.  The films show small, seemingly individual moments, then reveal a wider camaraderie, friendship and respect.  The campaign is designed to give aspiring recruits the belief and confidence that they can thrive in the Army no matter who they are, or where they come from.

Si & Ad directed three of the five films: ‘Buckeroo’, ‘Letter’ and ‘Voice'.  The films were shot in Scotland, lit by Justin Brown and edited by Sam Rice-Edwards at The Assembly Rooms.  Post production was handled by nineteentwenty. 

Click here to the view 'Letter'.

Samsung directed by Novemba

Novemba have just collaborated with Youtube star Shea Glover in this piece for the Samsung Galaxy A8.  The film, made through Beattie McGuinness Bungay, frames each unsuspecting cast member and shows their genuine reaction to being told they are beautiful. 

The film was shot in LA with edit by the Whitehouse and post handled by ETC.

Click here to view the film. 

Knife Crime directed by Novemba

Novemba’s latest piece focuses on knife crime in London.  Made for AMV BBDO, the film features real kids stating that they don’t ever carry a knife because ‘London Needs Me Alive’.  

The film was shot in Lambeth, Southwark and Harringay, lit by Joe Cook and edited by Stephen Dunne at the Whitehouse.  Post was handled by ETC.

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped put this together.

Click here to watch the film.

Just Eat directed by Si & Ad

Si & Ad’s latest is a musical extravaganza showing the magical world of Just Eat.  Made for Karmarama, the film escalates from customers using their Just Eat App at home to an all singing, all dancing magical number.

The film was made in and around London, lit by Niels Thastum and edited by Tom Lindsay at Trim.  Post was handled by Freefolk.

Click here to view the film on Si & Ad's showreel.  

Funding Circle directed by Marcus Söderlund

Marcus’s latest film for Funding Circle features a drummer going from strength to strength as she seemingly grows from relative novice to full on virtuoso before our eyes. 

The campaign was created for Lucky Generals, with post by ETC and sound by Sam Ashwell at 750mph.