Funding Circle directed by Marcus Söderlund

Marcus’s latest film for Funding Circle features a drummer going from strength to strength as she seemingly grows from relative novice to full on virtuoso before our eyes. 

The campaign was created for Lucky Generals, with post by ETC and sound by Sam Ashwell at 750mph.

Ikea directed by Us

‘Lion’ is the latest film created by Chris & Luke – aka Us.  The film tells us that the average lion spends 18 hours of the day doing absolutely nothing, while we see King of the Jungle conserving his energy in readiness for his daughter’s party. 

Created for Mother, the film is a continuation of the Wonderful Everyday campaign.  Editing was by Bill Smedley at Work, post was by MPC and sound through 750mph.

Click here to view the film.

Hepatitis C Directed by Conkerco

Conkerco have just shot this dramatic new film for Hep C featuring ‘Chris’, a man whose past literally comes back to haunt him. As Chris walks home through the city, his mind plays tricks on him as he see’s his younger self in potentially risky situations. Each risk underlines the ease with which the Hepatitis C can be contracted from an unhygenic tattoo parlour, a barbers unclean blade to a blood transfusion.

The film was shot in Berlin, DOP was Mathias Schöningh, it was edited by Nik Hindson at the Assembly Rooms, post was handled by Framestore and the agency are DDB Remedy.

Click here to view the film

Nytol Directed by Us

Chris & Luke have just finished a new film for Nytol through Lucky Generals.  The commercial visualises his internal dialogue and anxiety about how much time he has left to sleep.  

The film was lit by Ben Fordesman, edited by Joe Guest at Final Cut and post was done by The Mill.

Click here to watch the film. 

Skoda directed by Novemba

Bradley Wiggins stars in this new film for Skoda directed by Novemba through Fallon, London.  The film centers on Wiggins’ constant battle against the clock; always striving for a better time. 

‘Time’ was shot in and around Manchester, lit by Ben Fordesman, edited by Stephen Dunne at the Whitehouse and post production was handled by Rushes.

Click here to watch the film.