Jack Driscoll


Jack Driscoll

Jack joined Academy at the beginning of his commercial career, having previously hustled his way from art school into content and TV work. He had used art prize money to start up as a self-shooting director in London and moved from making low budget tour videos to standout content for New Balance, Adidas and Google, as well as short documentaries for Channel 4.

At Academy he broke through into TV commercials with work for Hyundai, Domestos and Enbw but the film that really marked his arrival was for Lucozade in 2019. Jack transformed a simple script involving a girl’s bus journey home into an iconic football film that captured the hearts of a nation and gained widespread media attention. 'Three Lionesses' won gold at the British Arrows and Creative Circle, plus awards at Campaign Big and Kinsale.

He has since become one of the most in-demand directors in the UK, known for his ability to work with non-actors and mix tender realism with a highly visual approach. He’s a trusted name amongst sports stars too, having worked with a growing list of talent that includes Beckham, Messi, Neuer and Pogba.

Instagram: @mrjackdrisoll